Welcome to Custom LDD Updates

Published on 29 October 2023 at 20:12

Custom LDD Updates... the official blog for unofficial LDD parts updates

LEGO Digital Designer is back alive.

Well, that sound fun right!? I can only say that it is! This page will be the number 1 source for information about the newest LEGO Digital Designer parts updates.

Although ended by The LEGO Group in January 2022 (with it's final update being all the way back in 2019), it is now possible to add "custom" parts to this abandoned software to build with LEGO digitally. In the mean time BrickLink's Studio has been embraced by TLG and is now the official digital building program. But a lot of digital builders prefer the way LDD works. The simplicity of the interface and the easiness with which parts can be added to the "Build Zone".


This Blog is for everybody that loves building in LDD. Released parts will follow LDD's guidelines as good as possible: custom added connection data, added collision data, proper outlines. Sometimes the 3D mesh is updated from its source material. But most of the times the 3D meshes are not created by me.

So, what can you expect from this blog?

Updates. Well, information about the updates that is. And the actual update file in .rar format. Eventually you will also find information about LDD here. How does it work, how does the file structure work, how can you add custom decorations yourself... basically everything there is to know about LDD (well, the easy-accessible sections that is; do not expect any information about the coding that builds LEGO Digital Designer).

Can I help? If yes, how?

Working on these updates is not a simple task. It takes a lot of time. Time I am more than happy to spend on it though. But take for example this blog, it isn't free. And here you can help!

You can join Patreon and become an Update Supporter. There will be certain benefits for you, depending on the Level (called 'Tier' within Patreon) of support you are able to give. And your Patreon username will be immortalized in the updates. Everyone using these updates will know that you love and support my work :)

  1. Become a Tier 1 Patron and keep yourself up-to-date about the new parts being added to LDD in the newest 'official' update. Receive a screenshot with upcoming parts.
  2. Become a Tier 2 Patron and receive a random new part each month.
  3. Become a Tier 3 Patron and have access to the newest added parts. You can be the first to build with the newest parts! You get access to the newest prints, assemblies, UV maps, colors, pre-colored parts before anyone else does—before the parts are available from GitHub or the 'official' update.
  4. Become a Tier 4 Patron and you get a direct link whenever I add a part to LDD. And then I mean DIRECT. I generate LDD files, I test them, 1 second later your Patreon inbox will receive a new message with the Dropbox link to the new part.

Your help keep these updates coming. Without your support there is no guarantee that these updates will continue to come.